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Aromatherapy Facial

Aromatherapy is the controlled, therapeutic use of pure essential oils derived from medicinal plants. Aromatherapy enhances general wellbeing, provides deep relaxation and alleviates aches, pains and tension. The scented essential oils enter the body through the skin and via the nasal membranes in order to produce many enjoyable and beneficial effects. When combined with massage, aromatherapy is an unrivalled therapy for the reduction of stress and for giving a general and lasting feeling of wellbeing. A professional aromatherapy massage uses pure essential oils selected to balance your emotional and physical state. This treatment is the ultimate in total relaxation and pampering. Aromatherapy facials use pure, high performance products for deep cleansing and to encourage the elimination of impurities and dead skin cells. Products may be individually prepared for the client if necessary. This treatment leaves skin feeling refreshed and looking brighter and more youthful. Some common skin problems such as oily skin, acne, eczema and dry skin can be helped by aromatherapy facial care.

30 minutes $44
1 hour $80
1 1/2 hour $132
2 hour $176